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Hypnotherapy can Help you with Anorexia

How can hypnotherapy help with the recovery from anorexia?

Many people believe that someone who has an eating disorder must have a problem with food. Contrary to this opinion is that the eating disorder is actually an indication that the person has underlying (sub conscious) problems in his / her life.

Those with eating disorders tend to be perfectionists, they have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others, they feel worthless, inadequate and everything is good or bad, fat or thin. If they think of a thin person, which is good, thinner is better.

 Many use it to take control of their lives and themselves. They usually win with any power struggle, but inside feel hopeless, powerless, defeated, often very afraid of criticism, looking for approval, that they can only express their anger and control by starving themselves.

Overview of Symptoms

• Brain chemistry alters to Euphoria – disorientation
• Imbalance of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Bicarbonates.
• Intense fear of becoming fat
• Hair loss or thinning
• Lanugo – downy hair
• Hands swell
• Thyroid Function decreases
• Incorrect body perception
• Constipation – Slow gut motility
• Low white blood cell count
• Rigid dieting
• Wears large or baggy clothes to hide thin body
• Can feel cold – extremities
• Compulsive exercising
• Amenorrhoea (loss of menstrual cycle)
• Arrhythmia’s (irregular heart beat) & heart failure
• Bradycardia (slow heart rate)
• Panic with the smallest increase in weight
• Inability to obtain pleasure – sex
• Rough dry scaly skin
• Rigid lifestyle
• Muscle wasting
• Perfectionist
• Risk of osteoporosis
• Organ deterioration

When I work with people who are ready to make changes, we hardly even mention food and weight. What I focus on instead is helping you to feel better about yourself. To feel more confident and more relaxed. To feel more in control once again and to rebuild your self-esteem and self-respect.

We take small steps and work at a pace which feels right for you, we explore what feels safe for you to explore, we work together, plan together. I will support you fully throughout your journey.

if you would like to talk further about how Hypnotherapy, NLP and the many other approaches I utilise will help you, please get in touch. I offer a free Hypnotherapy consultation at my Leicester based office.


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