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Hypnotherapy can help you with public speaking

Research has shown that many people's greatest fear is that of speaking in front of others. For some, even social situations can cause inner conflict and lack of confidence.

Here are some of the typical reasons which trigger off a public speaking anxiety.

    A Performance (Actors, actresses and musicians finding shows and concerts extremely difficult)
    A work-related presentation
    A speech at weddings
    A public speaking event
    A new date
    An interview
    Court case

 Hypnotherapy is a fast and powerful way to help you be a confident speaker. Whether is it a fear of speaking to a few people or a large audience.  It could even be people you work with on a regular basis, or even family and friends.


The fear of public speaking can exhibit itself in many ways

These are some of the things people have shared with me over the years:

    Forgetting what they are talking about - their mind going blank
    Having someone in the audience who knows more than they do
    People noticing that they are nervous
    The presentation being so awful and embarrassing that their social life or career relationships are ruined
    Being asked questions that they have no ready answer to
    The avoidance of situations that might include public speaking

Over the years people just like you, have told me it’s not just the talk, but the problem usually starts even before the talk.  It may be in the form of pre-speaking anxiety.  For many people, it starts as soon as they find out they’re going to have to talk to a group of people.  And then it interferes with their life often many days or weeks before the event.

And then there are the physical symptoms:

    Sweaty palms or under arms, even sweaty face
    Blushing, even feeling like you may faint!
    Elevated blood pressure
    Pounding heart – so loud you KNOW the audience has to be able to hear it!
    Nausea – upset stomach

And of course, there’s also the dreaded:

    Racing thoughts
    Being afraid you’re going to forget what to say
    Fear of stuttering
    Nobody understating you
    Looking stupid

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help by building up your confidence enabling you to feel calm and relaxed.  During the hypnotherapy session, we will discover the cause of the nervous reactions/reactions with regards to public speaking, so that you are no longer affected by it.

During the Hypnotherapy sessions, you will also learn techniques which enable you to keep calm, maintain control and actually enjoy the experience.

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