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Lost? confused? afraid?

Do you feel lost? confused? afraid?

This seems like a strange title for the page.   I was thinking that all the other pages on my site, have headings and titles, assuming people actually know what is wrong with them, or have some way of making sense of what they are feeling. we live in a world of labels.

I recall back to some of the most difficult times in my life if I was asked what was wrong me, I had  NO IDEA.  I knew I was unhappy, I knew, I didn't enjoy being alive, as life was hard work and painful,  I also knew, I would really like my life to be different, however,  I didn't think that was possible.  I felt hopeless and pointless,  there really was to much wrong with me and my life. I believed, nobody could fix this mess.

  I have written this page for anyone, who is completely bewildered,  to why they feel miserable, confused, lost. Fill in your own adjective, or don't, if you if can't work it out. :-) It is this, that makes me different from other  Hypnotherapists and Therapists, I have been to hell and back, and survived.

 I see those troublesome years now, as an intensive training course in being a damn good Hypnotherapist. 

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