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Hypnotherapy  can help you  deal with abuse and abusive relationships

There are many forms of abuse and abusive relationships we can encounter in our lives.

The term adult survivor usually refers to people who experienced sexual, physical and/or mental abuse in childhood; it can take a long time for the scars to heal and sometimes a long time before we feel ready to talk about our experience. It might feel like it's time for you to break the silence, or perhaps you realise that your past experiences are affecting your present relationships. Some people feel that their past experiences affect their ability to become emotionally and physically intimate or have low self-esteem. Please remember, it's never too late to make changes and heal the pain, or wounds from the past.

Abusive relationships can take many forms and can happen to both genders, within all sexual orientations, families, cultures, races, ages and classes. It is not unusual for one partner in a relationship to be more dominant,  The abuse can be emotional, physical, sexual or mental. It can also be all at once.

Bullying is a form of abuse which can take place between children, adults, and in the workplace. It is reflected by persistent unwanted attention and criticism, social exclusion, being ridiculed or being repeatedly picked on and ganged up against the view of humiliating and having power over the other person.

It can sometimes feel so subtle and manipulative that we can be left wondering if we imagine it if we're doing something wrong or worse still that there must be something wrong with us. The irony is that is normally the bully who is attempting to mask his or her sense of inadequacy by making themselves feel stronger, more powerful or more popular. Far too often the experience of being bullied can leave us feeling very isolated, ashamed and desperate.

Whether you have experienced bullying in the past or are experiencing it now, you needn't suffer the effects of silence.

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Your safety is important to me. 


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