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What is Analytical therapy?

Analytical therapy involves the analysis of underlying, deep-rooted motivations that influence human behaviour. Analytical therapists seek to establish a relationship between the consciousness and unconscious in order to heal a person's psyche. 


Analytic therapy is heavily influenced by Jung's approach to psychoanalysis. This differs from the Freudian approach and rejects the notion of sexual motive in the subconscious, instead focusing on other perceived factors such as the Archetypes model. Jung considered personal development as a mission of self-fulfilment that could last a lifetime while Freud's method of analysis tended to focus on events in early childhood.

How can it help?

Analytic therapy is used to treat a selection of issues such as emotional pain, depression and anxiety. It has the potential to help individuals achieve greater self-awareness and enable them to learn more about themselves. This can also have positive effects for those seeking to improve personal relationships.


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